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A scalable, cost-effective, digital solution designed to help your business stay connected and make the most of your existing communication systems.

  • Up to 23 simultaneous voice connections plus a data channel for call routing and signaling
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Consolidate your voice traffic over our robust fiber optic network.SIP acts as the control protocol for VoiceServices, enabling increased functionality, improved call quality, better security and easy network management.

Hosted Voice

An efficient solution for voice services--whether you have 5 lines or 2,000 lines located in a single building or across multiple locations.

Glo Fiber Enterprise_Product Icons_Business Class Phone _Orange.png

A Hosted Voice solution for businesses handling a large volume of inbound calls into their Call Center. This solution offers the flexibility for agents to work remotely, while providing metrics for monitoring call performance.

  • All voice products come with Unlimited Local Calling
  • Robocall Blocking included

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