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Every business needs a trustworthy internet connection. Shentel business has you covered with a fast and stable network to complement our managed voice services.


Choose the best pre-configured voice services for your business

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, our business voice services provide the flexibility, scalability, and quality you require. Take the next step in enhancing your business communication.

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PRI Voice

A scalable, cost-effective, digital solution designed to help your small business stay connected and make the most of your existing communication systems.

Up to 23 simultaneous voice connections plus a data channel for call routing and signaling.

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SIP Trunking

Consolidate your voice traffic over our robust fiber optic network. SIP acts as the control protocol for VoiceServices, enabling increased functionality, improved call quality, better security and easy network management.


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Hosted Voice Servies

An efficient solution for voice services--whether you have 5 lines or 2,000 lines located in a single building or across multiple locations.



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Robocall Blocking

To protect you from potentially fraudulent activity, Robocall Blocking feature leverages external data sources, algorithms, analytics and past activity to identify callers with a high risk of spamming, scamming, and spoofing. Calls that represent the highest risks (such as scammers, spammers or spoofers) are being automatically blocked. Other suspicious calls will be identified on your caller ID before you answer.

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Get your small business where it needs to be with our hosted voice services. From SIP Trunking to Robocall blocking, Shentel Business is committed to providing you with reliable managed voice services for your small business. Contact us now or request a consultation below to get started.

Shentel business offers more than just hosted voice services for small businesses. We also offer voice services for enterprises and wholesalers. Learn more about our reliable service options for your growing business.